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What coaching looks like with me:


Do we click?

We schedule a free 30 min coffee or Skype chat, where we get to know each other. 

You are encouraged to ask any questions about coaching or the process. I ask a bit more about what you want to achieve, and we decide if we want to continue on the coaching journey.


Let's get started.

In our first session we look more at the area(s) you want to grow or improve in, draw a roadmap of where we are and where we want to be, and start the journey of getting there together.
In our subsequent sessions, we keep following the road map, course correcting en route to our destination.


You've reached your goal.

After hard work during and between coaching sessions, you have reached your goal - well done! We look back on the journey, noting learnings and review the process. We end with tools and confidence in hand, and a greater sense of fulfilment. 
We might touch base once in a while - up to you - to see how things are going.

Life coaching is a focused approach to self-development, where a life coach enters into a directed conversation with the client, to assist them in developing goals, overcoming obstacles, empowering them and addressing limiting behaviours and beliefs, in order for the client to live the best and most successful life they wish. 

What is life coaching?

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