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Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. Please note that unfortunately, due to capacity, I am not taking on any new clients at the moment. If you'd like to stay connected, feel free to send me an email to:

Life coach specialising in: 

Career Fit & Fulfilment

Life Transitions

Quarterlife Crises

About me:

I have always been drawn to education of some sort. Teaching people new things, opening them up to knowledge of the world and of themselves. 

Through my own journey of looking for the best career fit, I realised what I wanted to do most: help others get past just paying the bills and going through the motions, to living a life they are proud of. 

A life that they feel they are doing something meaningful and worthwhile.  That what they do makes an impact, makes someone's life better and helps to change the world in small or big way.

In my work with clients, I found that most people are unfulfilled in life, because:

- They don't actually know what they want.

- They don't think they're capable of more.

- They're scared.

- They don't know how to create a better life.

If you take time to create a life you find fulfilling, you are able to grow your impact and influence in the world - and that's how we leave this earth better than the day we entered it. 

I'm one part in the chain of change. Want to join me?

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The ultimate how-to guide to go from bored and uninspired to creating a life and career you are thrilled about.

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Should you stay or should you go?

The tools you were never told you need to make a good decision - without wearing yourself out going back-and-forth.

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