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Career Fit & Fulfilment

Career Fit & Fulfilment is a designated coaching programme designed for adults between 18 - 35 who: 

- Have the Sunday blues, because  Monday is around the corner.

- Feel anxiety and uninspired going to work.

- Feel like their life has got to be more than this, but not knowing how to get out.

- Change jobs  every year and not finding the thing that sets their soul on fire. 

- Believing the lie that you can't make money doing work that you love and that matters. 

- Highschoolers or graduates who aren't sure what career to pursue. 

What it's NOT:

- An IQ test that limits possibilities.

- Aptitudes tests that are archaic in terms of what the current and future job market needs (if you have already done aptitude tests, these will be taken into account.)

- A standard approach that ignores individuality. 

How does it work?

  • 3 months, bi-weekly 1:1 sessions with me (60 mins).

  • Workbooks, filled with exercises to help you progress faster. 

  • Email check-ins in-between where I answer questions, give you feedback, and support you to stay on track and get the results. 

Together we dive deep into who you are, your gifts, your mindset, shake down what's tripping you up and get you aligned with a life and career you adore. 

I am there with you full-on for 3 months to help you create massive transformation.

What is covered:

Session 1: Your career history & relationship to work

Session 2: Your personality & work style (includes personality assessments)

Session 3: Determining your purpose, values and life vision

Session 4: Exploring job options & finding the fit

Session 5: Mapping out the career journey

Session 6: Fitting work into your life (i.e. balance) & troubleshooting

Have questions?  Email me at

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