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Chasing snow in Africa - and why you should too.

I love snow. I truly do. It's magical and white and fresh and exciting. Life comes to somewhat of a standstill in my town when the weatherman predicts snow.

We've been freezing lately. Well, as much as South Africans can freeze in uninsulated homes. Down jackets and log fires. For all that drama, we were indeed rewarded with a beautiful dusting of snow on our higher altitude mountains.

For an American or European, that might sound especially normal. For me, it is the highlight of my winter.

So I woke up yesterday knowing what I needed to do. I had my to-do list written the day before and had the day planned out. Catching up on admin, writing and some meetings in the afternoon.

I got in my car to drive to my work space. Then I had a "wait, what?"- moment. It snowed. The mountains are covered in snow. The sun is shining. When sun shines, snow melts. If I don't go to the snow today, it will be all waterfalls by tomorrow.

My first instinct? Man, I can't. I've got to work. I've got to get this done. Sure, I'm my own boss, but I can't take the morning off to go take pretty pictures of snow??

And then.

Wait, what? I'm my own boss. And carpe diem and all that. (I hate the term carpe diem, but I support the concept). So, I hit the road, off to Franschhoek where I got close to the snow-capped mountains. The air was superbly crisp and cold. I purposefully inhaled deeply, to feel the cold air burning my lungs. It felt like the purest air I breathed in months.

I felt invigorated by being outside.

I felt immense joy by being part of nature's beauty.

I felt my creative gears turning.

My soul felt alive.

It was one of those do-it-now-or-the-moment-will-forever-be-gone kind of moments.

Did I feel guilty about not working? Yes.

Did I chastise myself for not allowing myself to enjoy the moment? Yes.

Did I do it regardless? Yes.

What are your "snow" moments?

Are you willing to press pause on what you *think* you should be doing, and instead go for pursuing your "snow" moment?

I don't chase snow everyday. It's about taking care of your soul, pursuing balance, and keeping perspective.

If you struggle to find balance, send me an email. I'm happy to chat with you and help you find your version of balance.

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