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How Kevin Anderson won Wimbeldon

Yes. I watched the match - biting nails and screaming at the TV. Technically Djokovic won - in terms of sets.

But, Anderson had another thing going. If you're wondering, I am biased (the South Africa link and all.)

So how did Anderson win?

1. Time & sweat

Anderson started playing tennis when he was 6. He's been going and going and putting in the hard work for 26 years (that's twenty-six). Working at your craft for that long is impressive. Keeping at it, day in and day out. Amidst losing, injuries - the works. That's winning.

2. It isn't over until the fat lady sings

The first two sets of the game looked like it was over for Anderson. Djokovic was pretty much dominating the game. Why bother pushing yourself? But then Anderson turned things around. Even though it would take a lot to beat Djokovic, Anderson made the decision to fight harder and get back in the game. That's winning.

3. Never give up

The game with Isner will be talked about for a long time. Both Isner and Anderson didn't give up. I probably would have called it quits way sooner. But they played and played and played. And just like in the final, Anderson also didn't give up. Although he was probably dead tired and demoralized by Djokovic's attacks. That's winning.

4. Graceful in losing ... and getting back up again.

What a champ. Admitting where he wasn't as strong. Giving Djokovic credit where it was due. Showing that losing is part of the bigger game. Taking time to rest and then get back in the game. That's winning.

I never really took note of Anderson before this season of Wimbeldon. But I've got tremendous respect for him and he has inspired me with his attitude, determination and the word we love to hate... GRIT.

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