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You need the F-word to feel fulfilled.

I do advocate swearing sometimes, but this isn’t exactly the F-word I’m referring to.

When we feel unfulfilled, it’s a lot of the time because we don’t have things that we want, or we are dragging things along that weigh us down.

So, what is the F-word?


It’s Forgiveness.

If you let go of past hurts, you feel more fulfilled. If you are able to set that person from what they did, you achieve a lightness that (weirdly) fills you up.

It’s much more fun to hold onto unforgiveness, the grudge, the pay-back.

I get it. It is more fun.

But you don’t feel great. And that’s one of the reasons why fulfilment eludes us.

The scary thing about forgiveness is that it is within your control. It is not dependent on the other person who wronged you.

So, if you want more fulfilment, try to forgive.

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